Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutu cute cookie!

I got this adorable (or shall i say... tutu cute) cookie cutter from ecrandal copper cookie cutters ecrandal have some really unique cutters and they are quite helpful. I have been wanting to make the tutu cookie for a while, but wasn't sure what I wanted it to look like... Finally, this is what I came up with...I used pink fondant for both the tutu and the top. I added some dimension with a textured rolling pin for the top only, tulle overlay on the tutu and a white fondant rosette accented with light green leaves.

I Scream, You Scream.......

This past weekend i decided to make some cupcake ice-cream cones... The pink cupcake recipe is from bakerella and the green cupcake recipe is from
Marguerite Santo..... Marguerite has been making these perfectly for years! Finally, on Saturday, I was able to make them without them tipping over on me (thanks to Kupcake Konz)!