Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Shades of Pink!

Can I be a geek for a second or two.... I thought about this cake for days and days (all day)... Couldn't wait to make it, but had NO idea what I was going to do.  It was for a client who often (maybe even always) lets me do what I want (love that!)  She gives me ideas (good ones!)/info on the type of event and then I take it from there.  I knew pink needed to be involved, ruffles were a MUST, and all the layers inside needed to be different shades of pink (LOVE that too!).  I LOVE tall cakes, love them!  This is 6 inches wide and 8 or 9 inches tall.  I used a light pink vanilla buttercream between each layer and an off white marshmallow buttercream for the ruffle.  and now....some fun stuff... the fondant flowers - By trial and error; they came out perfectly ~ exactly what I wanted!  I used 3 shades of pink and off white (trust me; it matters) fondant!  The cake was so delicate and gorgeous (fit for a princess; no doubt!)  This could be my ALL TIME FAVORITE (actually, I think it is!)  Now I have to patiently wait for the event, which is tonight, to see what the inside looks like... tick tock, tick tock....  Thank you, Nadia and enjoy your dinner! 

here it is.... LOVE IT!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Madison's First Communion!

My little bride!

 Madison's Communion Cake (Yes, she wanted turquoise!)
 Mini Cheesecakes!
 Strawberry Milkshake Whoopie Pies!

Spring Cookies!

Mother's Day!