Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lingerie Bridal Shower

I just completed an order for a lingerie themed bridal shower. It all started with one really cute invitation personalized for the bride to be, see below. Nicole at BeeCustom ( has a very special talent at capturing details and then putting it on paper... she has done it again! Okay, back to me! I made some white lace and pink polk-a-dot bras & panties. I hand made each rosette and it was worth every minute (I mean hour!) that went into it! Sometimes it's the small detail that brings it all together... ENJOY!


  1. In a perfect world we would spend our days in a cute studio designing invitations and cookies to match....dare to dream! LOVE THEM too stinking cute!

  2. Oh so adorable. I wish I had these for a shower I hosted in October. I did hang a line of VS panties in front of my fireplace. Love, love your ideas.

    I'm a new follower from Utryit.

  3. Pamela: Welcome and such a great idea... TOO CUTE! Thanks, Janeen