Saturday, April 23, 2011

Emerson's Ice Cream Parlour! (Part One)

I knew I wanted an Ice Cream Sundae Birthday Party for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I had so many ideas, but knew my first step needed to be the invitation. I contacted Nicole at to discuss my theme idea. Nicole suggested using traditional Ice Cream Sundae colors as my color theme (pink, brown, white). What a great idea... (I love the vintage feel the colors gave the invite). The invitation, as you can see, is PERFECT! She accented the cherry and whipped cream with glitter just to add a bit of cuteness! She then came up with the image on the front of the envelope, LOVE IT!! In my opinion, that added a bit of perfection to an already PERFECT invite! I truly thought the invite was perfect. I also had Nicole make matching water bottle tags, "thank you" tags for the adorable cookies (not because I made them!), display tags for the toppings and desserts and the "Emerson's Ice Cream Parlour" sign.

Next mission... OUTFITS! I need to find Ice Cream Sundae shirts for my girls. I contacted Kristina at Modern Frills via Esty.... I wanted a top that was classy, not "too cute." I sent Kristina a picture of the invite and she was able to custom design a shirt based on that.... Kristina suggested sewing a button on top to accent the cherry... ADORABLE!

Next Mission... CENTERPIECES! I was going to use flowers, but wanted to try something different. I found this company called Twirlie Whirlies via Etsy. They were able to custom design twirlies to match my theme. PERFECT!

Next Mission... DESSERT TABLE! I will post that in "Part Two."

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