Thursday, July 28, 2011


"MY GIRL" just turned 7! Now that she is 7, she knows EXACTLY what she wants when it comes to designing her birthday party! She wanted a sneaker themed party at Chuck E Cheese's and the sneaker HAD to be green & blue . My first call was to Nicole at Bee Custom Design ( I gave her the details and she suggested a mouse & cheese theme, which I LOVED, but the 7 year old, not so much! Anyway, below is the invite, which was AWESOME! Nicole, somehow, was able to make it perfect! Also, I loved that she designed a "converse" sneaker; so stylish! Once I got the proof of the invite, I contacted Ecrandal Copper Cookie Cutters (; I needed a converse and knew from past searches on the web that a converse did not exsist! Well, they did it and it was PERFECT. The cookies would not have been complete without the "thank you" tie on that Bee Custom designed. I love those tie ons; they complete the package and tie the theme together every time!

Next, the cake/cupcake mission. I wanted to make cupcakes for all, but Madison wanted a cake. We decided to have a small cake for Madison and then we would serve cupcakes to all the guests (cupcakes are the way to go people, especially when you have kids involved... no cutting and you can pick them up with your hands; HUGE FAN!) Now, how do I keep this theme going? I wanted to incorporate the entire invite, not just the sneaker. I decorated the cupcakes with blue & green frosting and then topped with a fondant "M" or "7" (just like the balloons on the invite). Well, I couldn't stop there... The cake: I then decided to use "RUN," "JUMP" & "PLAY" on the sides of the cake and then topped with a fondant 7 & sneaker! PERFECT! I loved how the sneaker theme was present, but all the elements of the invite were there as well!


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